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Maps has a sustained commitment to research and development. For the past 5 years, we have increased our R&D spending to nearly double and focused our resources on a number of selective programs. At the same time, we have made in-depth changes in our organisation and methods to increase our innovation potential and reduce time-to-market for new products. Continuous and arduous research is our one of the strengths. In line with our corporate goals and principles we strive to design and develop the products with reduced cost and improved characteristics. Technological leadership and cost effectiveness are our aspirations.
Our Chairman, Mr. Piyush Palkhiwala, an enzyme engineer, heads our R&D team of competent and committed scientists from the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology and chemistry. We believe in exploring rich potential of nature to identify natural microorganisms by traditional screening methods to isolate enzymes for novel applications. In addition to screening for natural mutants, we also use classical approach of mutation and selection as well as power of gene manipulation coupled with the techniques of site-directed mutagensis to make designer changes in the microorganisms. We strive to increase the enzyme’s substrate affinity and stability in the working environment found in the industries by employing classical and modern molecular biology techniques. We endeavour to clone and over-express genes of interest in most suitable microorganisms, so that we can offer enzymes at much lower prices. Our scientists have developed intelligent direct selection methods for screening of improved variant. Our R&D scientists are guided by effectiveness and efficiency and are constantly aware of the responsibilities.
One of the key areas is enzyme process development with laboratories and an associated pilot plant working in all fields of industrial enzymology. In many cases, Maps enters into partnerships with customers on the development of enzymatic processes or a new product. The partnership may continue right up until the time the customer starts up industrial-scale production. Enzyme development and applications is divided into project teams working on specific application areas.


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