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Maps has the most sophisticated full-scale production plant, which includes solid state fermentation and submerge fermentation facilities, along with downstream processing and formulation facilities. Our plant spread across 57 thousand Sq. meters, is situated in open countryside at village: Oran, District: Sabarkantha, Gujarat, about 60 km north-east of Ahmedabad. It houses, the solid state fermentation block, the submerge fermentation block, downstream processing block, formulation and finishing block and also our R&D centre.
Solid State Fermentation
Maps’ venture into enzymes began way back in 1975 when Mr. Piyush Palkhiwala started a small solid state fermentation facility producing alpha-amylase for textile desizing.
Our solid state fermentation facility is based on the conventional tray fermentation technology or "koji" fermentation and is equipped with shakers, seed fermenters, autoclaves, typical trays, media mixing equipments, fermentation rooms, extraction vessels and downstream equipments.
The solid state fermentation starts with the reproduction of the production organism in shake flask and then seed fermenter. On the other hand the solid media (raw material like bran, etc.) is sterilised with steam in autoclaves and then innoculated. The innoculated media is then uniformly layered into several trays which are incubated in large fermentation rooms, under controlled temperature and humidity. After fermentation, this fermented media is harvested into an extraction vessel where it is extracted with a suitable solvent and taken for downstream processing. Depending on the nature of the enzyme downstream processes like micro-filtration, ultra-filtration and spray drying are done.
Submerge Fermentation
Looking to the diverse fermentation technologies, we expanded our manufacturing capacity in March 2000 to set up our submerge fermentation facility. Our sophisticated, fully automatic plant is designed to cater a wide range of enzymes having the most specialised application in the industry.
Our submerge fermentation block is equipped with sophisticated fermenters supported by seed fermenters, dosing vessels for nutrients and media batching tanks. Our fermenters are fully automatic to control all key fermentation parameters such as pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen and nutrient dosing. After fermentation, the harvested broth is processed in different downstream equipments. Depending on the nature of the enzyme downstream processes like micro-filtration, ultra-filtration and spray drying are done.
Our large production capacity and flexibility to change from one product to another makes our customers always rely on Maps to deliver, regardless of the size of the order. In some cases, products can be tailored to meet specific customer requests.
Our production managers consist of very energetic and devoted young graduates, from recognised universities.
We strive constantly to achieve higher yields of enzymes using fewer raw materials and resources. Reducing the impact of production on the environment is an important part of the Maps’ environmental policy.


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