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At Maps, we produce are a versatile range of enzymes like amylases, proteases, cellulases, xylanase, beta glucanase, glucoamylase and Catalase; using the most sophisticated fermentation technologies. We are India’s largest producer and exporter of industrial enzymes. We sells a complex portfolio of nearly 60+ enzyme products for industries like Textile, Leather, Baking, Alcohol, Brewing, Detergent, Starch and Animal feed. Every year, about 5 new products are launched on the market; either completely new type of enzyme or existing enzymes adapted for new applications.

To know more about industrial applications of our enzymes you can review below links which give a comprehensive presentation of industries, applications and products. To learn more about enzymes, there history and the way they are made, you can review the Know Enzymes section


We provides a range of enzymes like amylases, cellulases, catalase, pectinase and protease for various textile wet-processing applications like desizing, bio-polishing, denim finishing, bleach clean-up, bio-scouring and de-wooling.

We continuously develop our product line in order to have innovative enzymes with unique performance features for existing and new applications within the textile industry. Our R&D aims to provide innovative products for fabric treatment reducing process time, chemical consumption and energy costs in compliance with sustainable development.

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The leather industry is another major market for Maps’ enzymes. Maps offers a total enzyme solution for bating, un-haring, degreasing and soaking in the beam-house processes. With the introduction of our new range of products based on Microorganisms, we assure to provide clean and green leather tanneries.

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Baking / Alcohol / Brewing

Over the recent years, Maps has built up considerable expertise in enzymes for the baking, alcohol and brewing industries. Some notable successes are the launching of xylanase enzyme for baking industry and beta glucanase enzyme for brewing industry.

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The main application of enzymes is in heavy-duty detergents for household laundry. The majority of enzymes used in laundry detergents are proteases for removing protein stains. They are often used in combination with amylases for removing starch. Maps has successful launched protease and lipase for detergents.

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Starch processing is one of the oldest areas for the application of enzymes. For instance, dextrose, high fructose corn syrups are made using enzymes. They act as a substitute for ordinary sugar in food and beverage processing. Maps’ future work in starch processing will focus on optimising processes by developing improved enzymes.

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Animal feed

This is a large industry characterised by rapid growth in the use of enzymes, which are now accepted as a standard ingredient in many parts of the world. Maps has a range enzymes specially designed for degrading different feed components in order to improve the digestibility of nutrients.

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New developments

There are a number of other industries with significant potential of enzymes. This year, Maps is in the process to develop some unique new enzymes for the pulp and paper industry where enzymes can be used in the bleaching of pulp or in the de-inking of waste paper for recycling. We shall also launching new enzymes for the textile and leather industry for applications shall be de-gumming in textile and anti-wrinkle in leather. Apart from these, emphasis is put to develop enzymes for application in food and beverage industries.


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