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Vision & Mission
Our Vision
We will be the world's leading biotechnology company, with particular focus on enzymes and microorganisms
Our aspiration is to provide biotech solutions by finding better methods of applications and work actively to promote collaboration between all parties in the industrial sector in order to achieve our common goals.
We will offer products and services in areas where we can make a difference
Our research and technology will lead to the discovery of new and innovative products. We will develop and market such products ourselves whenever we can do it as well as or better than others.
We will achieve competitive business results
Our focus is our strength. We will stay independent and form alliances whenever they serve our business purpose and the cause we stand for. We are committed to being there for our customers whenever they need us. We will be innovative and effective in everything we do. We will attract and retain the best people by making our company a challenging place to work.
Our values are expressed in all our actions
Every day we strive to find the right balance between compassion and competitiveness, the short and the long term, self and commitment to colleagues and society, work and family life.
Our history tells us, it can be done.
Our Mission
Our prime mission is to march ahead with the philosophy of “Bio-Excellence” - Excellence in Biotechnology and use its innovations in the areas of Biotechnology to provide customers with products and solutions that improve the quality, performance and safety of their products, with a constant focus on safeguarding the environment and thus making people’s lives better.
To meet our customers' needs for quality products and services. This implies identifying and solving their problems, intensifying contacts with them, listening to what they say and anticipating the future needs of the market. We are committed to comply with the requirement and to continually improve the effectiveness of management systems for enhancing customer satisfaction.
We want to maintain high ethical standards in our business dealings and in our efforts to protect the environment. We will also maintain these standards in adhering to local, national and international laws, in cooperating with authorities and in communicating with the public.

We want to be innovative, and see change as an opportunity. Being active in high-technology fields, we must recognise new trends at a very early stage and be open to unconventional ideas. We see complacency as a threat. It is therefore our policy to encourage everywhere in the company the curiosity needed to be open to the world and to welcome change.



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